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Sunway Brain Power

Drug Name: Sunway Brain Power 
Energy Medicine with DNA
Product NDC: 27281-001 
Non-Proprietary Name: 
Semecarpus Anacardium Juice, Arnica Montana, Calcium Fluoride, Silybum Marianum Seed, Chincona Officinalis Bark, Herring 

Sperm DNA, Ginkgo, Egg Phospholipids, Achillea Millefolium, Phosphoric Acid, Saccharomyces Cerevisia RNA, Silicon Dioxide, 

and Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate 
Product Type Name: HUMAN OTC DRUG 
Market Category Name : HOMEOPATHIC 
Formulated to: 
Temporarily relieves symptoms of mental fatigue, including:
Lapses in memory
Feelings of confusion or difficulty in collecting one's thoughts
Short attention span
Poor mood
Energy Medicine with DNA
Sub-lingual Spray
Fully Hand-Successes
Doctor Formulated
FDA Registered
Produced in the United States by an FDA Certified Lab
Package Description : 30 ml in 1 BOTTLE, SPRAY. Approximately 180 sprays. 5 - 6 week supply depending on level of use.
Combines With : Combines exceptionally well with all Sunway products
Can be taken with any other vitamins, herbs, medicines, etc.