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Sunway Biotech International LLC was founded in early 2005 in the county of San Bernardino, California. California leads the nation in the number of high tech companies located there, with more than twice the jobs of the number two state. Sunway Biotech has corroborated with high tech research facilities in the field of new and developing technologies to produce cutting edge health care OTC products. In view of the fact that people are more and more concerned with health and longevity, we have chosen to use e-commerce to market and share our products. All Sunway Biotech products meet all FDA and California Department of Health standards. We endeavor to provide the best products to our customers, enabling them to benefit from our research and maintain good health.

Our standard for doing business is honesty and down-to-earth work for everyone’s benefit. Our goal is developing a long term business with efficient management, providing high quality beneficial products that will lead the industry.


Ways of Business:

International e-commerce, Internet, Membership purchase, Internet Supermarket franchise.