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DNA-- Energy Medicine with DNA

Sunway is one of the few companies in the world to use an advanced, FDA accepted form of homeopathic DNA in our 

Sunway products.  We do this because DNA is an important building block of our cells, supports the accurate regeneration 

of new healthy cells and provides excellent therapeutic benefits.  


Years of FDA recognized research indicate that micro-doses of DNA effectively promotes positive feelings of wellbeing 

and improves energy, concentration, sound sleep, and sexual function.  This same research has established a solid record 

of safety and lack of adverse events associated with oral use of homeopathic DNA.


DNA homeopathic clinical provings were conducted by Dr. Othon A. Julian and Phillip Robbins, Dip Hom.  Here is a summary 

of their therapeutic findings:

Promotes a general feeling of wellbeing
Improves energy and motivation to finish work projects
Relieves difficulty in making decisions and in concentrating fully
Relieves low energy
Relieves difficulty in falling asleep and in sleeping through the night
Improves libido

One advantage to homeopathic DNA over HGH is that homeopathic HGH is no longer legal to manufacture in the US 

– or anyplace else for that matter.  DNA is fully listed as an accepted ingredient in the HPUS. Another, is that HGH is 

not included in any of the Materia Medicas listing homeopathic drug effects.  There is no risk of this with homeopathic



HGH had a great product profile, i.e., helps relieve symptoms of aging and/or a run-down condition such as low energy, 

poor muscle mass, excess fat, and  occasional sleeplessness.  However, DNA’s profile is even better - it has 3 of HGH’s 

4 claims (not poor muscle mass) plus it has 3 more: promotes a feeling of wellbeing, improves motivation, and helps in 

making decisions.