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The compensation system is designed to:
Help new distributors to establish their business;
Enable distributors to promote to a higher level;
Encourage consumers to purchase our health products.

1. Personal Sales Bonus: paid weekly; encourages consumption, promotion, sales to others. 15% of personal sales BV.
2. Group Sales Bonus: paid weekly; team reward; all members of the team will benefit themselves and each other. Binary system; No level limits; Points can accumulate. 15% of weak side BV.
3. Match Bonus: paid monthly; distributors that helps their generations to build up their business can benefit from the sales of each generation up to 8 levels, 100% of the group sales reward, thus making the reward almost unlimited.
4. Top Leader Global Bonus: paid quarterly; 5% of the global BV sales. 
5. Millionaire Club: Every one dollar of commission amounts to one point. Points can accumulate. The points can be used in the purchase of products, training, and other rewards such as travel etc.
Silver: 5000-50,000 points;
Gold: 50,001 to 500,000 points;
Diamond: 500,001 to one million points;
Millionaire: 1,000,001 points and up.
Commission limit is 65% of total BV. Commission in excess of 65% will automatically be balanced. This is a general overview of Sunway’s Compensation plan. See your sponsor/up-line for more specific information.