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Under the leadership and guidance of the President, the department managers work as a team to keep Sunway and its distributors on a path to success. They address/correct problems as they arise, and are open to input from all participants in the company.



Louis Poreider - President and CEO
Louis has extensive experience in management, IT, and law. His many years of experience in the management and leadership of several California companies will be an asset to Sunway. Louis worked for the government for 19 years in various consumer protection divisions, conducting and leading numerous operations that protected California consumers.
H. B. David - Accountant
Sunway Biotech's accountant. He has over 20 years accounting experience, including managing accounting divisions for the government.
Products Research Laboratories
The Laboratory is a FDA Registered Drug Manufacturer and a FDA Registered Vitamin (Food) Manufacturer. All of our products are FDA regulated and meet or exceed all FDA Guidelines for Good Manufacturing. All of our products undergo a rigorous testing regimen prior to release for sale.